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Profile Set up

Register for your free profile via the Register Now button on the left homepage or click here. Upon completion, artists will need to upload MP3’s to their profile using the path "my 4fame" menu and “MP3 Upload.” All 4fame member profile’s content can be edited from the "my 4fame" menu under "profile settings." To change personal account information, go to “my 4fame” menu and select "Account settings."

4fame Artist and Fanatic profiles contain photos, music including track info and lyrics (for artists), Bio, Twitter feed, personal website links, contact information as well as videos. All profiles can also create News updates, Groups, Blogs and Artists can create Events to add to our Events calendar and Fanatics can click “attend” on any upcoming show listed, for it to be displayed in their profile events tab.

Artists: promote your profile using your unique URL link and encourage your friends, family and fans to join free as a Fanatic to discover new music, meet new people, rate and share favorite songs using the 5star system and click "Become a Fan" artist profile to become a fan.

Fanatics: Discover new music and "Become a Fan" of the artists you love. Pick your Top 4 Favorite artists to promote on your profile and “Become a Friend” on other Fanatics profile to meet new music lovers like yourself!

All members can click the "Customize Playlist" link under the 4fame radio player to customize personal music preferences. Selections will be saved per member log in, unless otherwise stated. When not logged in to your account, the 4fame radio plays promoted songs & genres selected by our team.

4fame Home Menu Content and Functions

  • About 4fame: About as a business and our team.
  • Dear Music Lovers: A letter from's founder, Kevin Linney.
  • Blacklion Blog: Various written and video blogs created by's founder.
  • 4fame News/Spotlight: News blasts, promotions and home of the 4fame Artist Spotlight, which features individual 4fame Artist interviews weekly.
  • View Fanatics: Browse through Fanatic profiles to see who is on
  • Help Center: Get basic start-up information, General Q&A, Tech support, Privacy Policies, Press and Contact information.

My 4fame Menu Content and functions:

  • View Profile: View your profile as others see it.
  • Profile Settings: Profile content can be modified for: Photos, Bio, Location, Twitter account, Website links, Video links, Contact info*, News*, Groups, Blogs and Mp3 uploads*. *Indicates Artists profiles only.
  • MP3 Upload*: Quick access for Artists to upload MP3 files and per track information (displays in “Track Info” tab located in the “4Fanatics” section of profile.)
  • My Survey Answers: Where you can edit or add answers to your account survey, which includes College/University attended, music preferences and personal information, which will later be utilized for 4fame Music Match-Up services coming soon!
  • Account Settings: Edit personal account information including email, password, comment approval settings and manage email alerts.
  • My Messages: Send and receive messages between other 4fame members.
  • My Friends: For Fanatics only. Manage and view your friends.
  • My Fanatics: For Artists only. Manage and view your fans.
  • My Artists: For Fanatics only. Fanatics click “Become a Fan” on artists they enjoy. Manage your artists and assign your Top 4 Favorite artists to your profile here.
  • My Stats: See recent profile visitors and total number of profile views.
  • Invite A Friend: Members can send email invites out to their friends to encourage other music lovers to join the 4fame family and create a profile of their own!
  • Invite A Fanatic: For Artists only. Invite Fanatics to hear your music,  “Become a Fan” and rate your songs.
  • Search 4fame Members: Manual search throughout 4fame members to find those who share similar music and personal interests.
  • Pending Friend requests: For Fanatics only to view pending friend request from other members.

Promote your 4fame Profile

  • Click the 4fame “4” logo on your profile, located with the social media share buttons, in order to copy/paste your unique code to embed and link to your 4fame profile from your main website.
  • Share your profile using Facebook and Twitter social media buttons
  • Share your profile unique URL anywhere, even hyperlink it in your email signature for others to get a quick overview of your music and contact info.

Premium Services

  • 4fame’s exclusive Artist Association: Profiles and Forums for optimal networking, collaboration and endorsement between Artists. Coming Soon!
  • 4fame’s exclusive Music Match Up: Artist and Fan auto-matching database and Fanatic online dating through music. Coming Soon!

Q and A

  • Q. Is there a cost to join
  • A. There is no cost to join with a basic membership. Additionally, offers a premium membership with a variety of payment options to choose from, which you can select at time of registration or upgrade later.

  • Q. What is
  • A. 4fame Where Music and People Meet is 4 fans and music entertainment. is a new resource for independent music artists around the world and provides talented emerging artists with the promotion and networking they need to make it today - without taking up their time, effort or financial resources. is where music and people meet - dedicated to music lovers across the globe. 4fame lets fans (fanatics) discover new music with ease and music artists, bands and musicians easily search for and contact new fans, both online and in live, local settings internationally. 4fame is not a music label, agent or management team. 4fame will promote your talent, provide tools to propel your career quickly and efficiently and get your music heard. 4fame is your best one-stop online solution for promotion, resources and networking your way to personal success and fame!

  • Q. What equipment is needed in order to use services?
  • A. is a website that can be accessed by any computer with working Internet services from anywhere in the world. Additional equipment, accounts or software may be required in order to utilize certain specific features within the website depending your membership type.

  • Q. What is the difference between profile pages that ask 'Become a Fan' vs. 'Become a Friend'?
  • A. supports two types of profile pages. Artist profiles are for Independent music artists, bands, musicians or DJ's that join in order to build a fanatics base and promote their music. Fanatic profiles are for non-artists who are avid music lovers and fans interested in promoting their favorite music, artists and discovering new music locally and internationally.

  • Q. Do you have to be a certain age in order to join
  • A. Yes. You need to be at least 18 years or older the day you join with a basic membership and at least 18 years or older the day your join or upgrade to a premium membership. You are required to enter your complete date of birth at time of registration and certify that your information is accurate when accept our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

  • Q. Can you block an artist or fanatic from contacting you?
  • A. Yes. There is a block setting within your profile menu if you need to or experience any harassment of any kind. Please report any website abuse or harassment by clicking here

  • Q. What does it mean to donate to an artist?
  • A. The donation feature is available on all artist profiles and simply a method by which any fanatic user can help support their favorite artists by funding a one-time payment donation using their personal PayPal account or register for recurring donations. Donations are not required by any member, but greatly appreciated by each artist. Donations can be given in various increments. You must have a account and a PayPal account in order to donate to an artist.

  • Q. How do you control what music plays in the online radio?
  • A. The online radio will auto-play upon visiting the site and defaults to the current Featured Artist of the Month. You can customize the radio with up to 4 different music genre's or stations by clicking the "customize playlist" link directly under the radio. The customization will be saved for any member who customizes while logged into their account. If you are simply visiting the website and are not a registered user, your settings will reset each time you visit back to the defaulted featured artist of the month. Additionally, you can add individual songs or entire artist playlists to the online radio from each individual artist profile. To remove, simply click the "X" next to a song or click clear all.

  • Q. What is the Events Calendar?
  • A. Our Events Calendar is full of upcoming events by artists located all over the world. With your membership, you will be able to check for upcoming events, live music, attend and add them to your own calendar and even promote and share upcoming events with friends via social networking.

  • Q. What is the Artist Association?
  • A. Take your craft to a whole new level and collaborate with other amazing local artists! 4fame's Artist Association is the key to getting ahead in the music industry by working with others and sharing valuable connections are the resources you need the most. Need an opener for your upcoming show? More Fans in a certain area? A connection to venue you have your eye one? These are just a few of the ways the Artist Association on can help assist you with your music. The Artist Association is available with our Premium Memberships. Learn more by clicking here.

  • Q. Is affiliated with another company or independently owned?
  • A. is owned and operated solely by individual with no ties to any major record labels or corporations.

  • Q. Does sell music or merchandise?
  • A. No, currently does not sell any of the artists' albums?or merchandise. If you are interested in purchasing music/merchandise from artists, please contact those artists through email or other links provided on that artist profile.

  • Q. How do you become a featured artist?
  • A. Featured Artists are generally selected by staff. However, there are additional ways to become a featured artist through profile promotion, ratings, contests and competition.
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